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Hand-crafted Cloth Sculptures and Petite Couture

OOAK Sculptures

All of my sculptures are hand-crafted. I create the bodies in cloth, hand sew the bodies and garments, needle sculpt and hand paint the faces and wire the bodies so they may be posed in various positions. The materials I use are vintage from estate sales, flea markets, resale shops and anywhere good used items can be found. I do use new materials also from time to time..however the vintage ones have more character and are a great way to use unwanted/unneeded items and give them a new life..with a bonus of helping to save our world from added items to refuse piles. The hunt for "treasures" in attics is to be likened to searching for "buried treasure"...the joy when a piece of hand embroidered lace is found....rhinestones that once graced a prom dress or wedding gown...silks..satins...organza..tulle...tiny silk flowers long forgotten now smile with renewed life and purpose!

 Chagal's Acrobat $75.00

Chagal's Acrobat