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Hand-crafted Cloth Sculptures and Petite Couture

About Me

I am a self taught artist with no formal training in art studies.....lack of funding and no patience to sit through instructions would have to be the reason if asked.

My grandmother taught me to sew at a very young age...preschool.....I would watch her sit at her sewing machine and pester her with a million questions and grab the scraps of fabric and trims she would toss in the trash to be used for my creations. I wasn't allowed to use her machine so my early attempts at doll making were quite crude! I tied the clothing to the bodies with string or yarn or lace...and my crayons served me well to "paint" on the faces...such strange make up those dollies wore!

Many years later she taught me several various crafts..some I have incorporated into creation of my sculptures...others were not successful and became just an expensive learning experience in the end....knitting is one that comes to mind...always ended up being a huge knotted up mess! My grandmother is also responsible for my business name. When I was a child she always called me "dibble dabble"....her reasoning was that I dibble dabbled all the time..always busy with something to create! I am a "tree hugger" and have my spiritual needs met when I am close to nature. I believe in the lessons passed down to me by my Celtic ancestors..which shows in my love of Celtic stories they have given me to share with my family.

I have had my sculptures featured in gallery displays, AFICC in Columbus, Ohio, and have been chosen on 2 separate occasions as cover doll for Goddess yahoo group, my sculptures have also been finalists in several challenges on "the net" and 1st Prize winner for my entry at the Rocky Mountain Sew Expo, and most recently my "Life's Lessons" sculpture was chosen to travel with the Hoffman Challenge exhibits.

Until recently my sculptures were offered on Ebay , Bidville, and Overstock Auctions...however at present devote my efforts to private sales and Etsy as a result of lessons learned when you try to let the world see the wonderful art you create but end up overwhelmed by the effort and waste precious time that should be devoted to the actual creation of your art.