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Hand-crafted Cloth Sculptures and Petite Couture

2014 Creations..a new direction

Many of the hand sewn cloth sculptures, in the past, have been under 20" tall..2014 has a new direction..larger sculptures with a nod to couture of the past. There have been many "Victorian" inspired creations being made..the difference in 2014 is that modern colors, fabrics and trims are being used and not the strict "it has to be historically true" mindset that has been used in earlier sculptures. This gives more freedom to explore new materials while respecting the couture of our past. As time goes on there will probably be more changes to our creations but the theme will remain..quality hand sewn cloth sculptures with attention to detail.

To kick off our new direction..changes aren't made quickly...research, purchase of new materials and patterns, and more research has been done..this all took many months. Thank you all who have followed my journey and have given me the incentives to valuable input and critique has been's hoping you feel I listened to your suggestions and have created more award winners.

 Blue Faery-Self Portrait


Both of these cloth sculptures are over 24" tall and were totally sewn by hand.